Lift Farrowing Crate

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Product Description

Deba Brothers® is a leading China Lift Farrowing Crate manufacturers, suppliers and exporter. The lift farrowing crate is a kind of farrowing crate specially produced by Deba Brothers® to protect piglets. Lift farrowing crate can reduce the mortality of piglets from 5% reduce to lower than 1%, prevent the sow from rolling on and crushing her piglets, especially the first week after the piglet born, and provide good performance PSY. When the sow stand up, the sow back touches the sensor and raises the sow’s standard floor through the compress air system, the piglet will leave the sow’s floor then. When the sow lies down in the lift farrowing crate, the sensor don’t touch sow’s back and lift floor drops slowly to ground floor level, the sow can continue lactation the piglets.

Lift Farrowing Crate Specifications

Total size2400*1800mm
Stretch trough500*420*290mm,SST 304,1.5mm thickness
Sow floor25’*42’America cast iron floor/tri-bar floor
Piglet floor400*600 plastic floor lift
Support beam2400*120mm galvanized steel beam&FRP beam
Insulation systemTriangle plastic insulation box&175W insulation lamp

Lift Farrowing Crate Accessories

Stainless steel rolling feederwholly turn round
SensorMeasure feed volume left in feeder
Stainless steel lifting platformSeparate sow and piglet; prevent the piglet to be crushed
Fully plastic coated steel floornon-slip and does not hurt the hoof
304 stainless steel+plastic lifting move deviceantirust and easy to clean
Removable hot dip galvanized rear dooradjustable space
Wholly hot dip galvanized steel stall20 years anti-rust

Lift Farrowing Crate Advantage

1.The crushed piglet rate is reduced by 90%, and the adjustable farrowing pen equipment cost is recovered in one year.
2.Directly reduce 1-2 piglets to be crushed to death per litter.
3.Comprehensively improve PSY, each lactation period can be reduced. There is no need for personnel to supervise the production process by using balance farrowing pen.

Lift Farrowing Crate details

1.The height of elevated platform is 25cm, and there is an prevent pinching strip.
2.Sensor,touch sow back to control lift up and down.
3.Stainless steel stretch feeder, rolling turn round.
4.Free choice of plastic-coated floor and plastic floor to control costs.

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