Wool Sweater Knitting Machine

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Ningbo Cixing Co.,. Ltd is the world's largest supplier of intelligent knitting machinery, and the national high-tech enterprise that is committed to improve the level of China's knitting machinery technology, promote the development of knitting technology progress, and realize knitting industry upgrading. Cixing produces the best computerized Wool Sweater Knitting Machine in the world, Wool Sweater Knitting Machine has won unanimous praise from customers. Steiger, in Switzerland, was founded in 1949, with its consistently uphold innovation and pioneering spirit. Today, Steiger, is one of the world's leading Wool Sweater Knitting Machine manufacturers. Steiger, in fact, is located in Switzerland which is the hub of all the steiger commercial activities, including R&D and production.

At the same time, Cixing design different types of sweaters, among which wool sweater and alpaca wool knitting sweater are the most common. The Wool Sweater Knitting Machine STG3.132MC-U model can prepare more complex patterns. If you don't know how to pattern design, we will arrange a programming teacher to teach you. 

Wool Sweater Knitting Machine three system Yarn feeders intelligent running machine type. This is high-speed and efficient machine use the 5.2-inch carriage with full electric motors controlled, 1 6 electric motorized yarn feeders are added. can easily realize the special Woolen Knitting Sweater such reverse fling, weft lining, hollow weaving, etc., increasing the flexibility and diversity of patterns.

Feature And Application

Motorized yarn feeder

16 PCS moterized feeder can move it treely, precise feed back control by encoder. Let yarn feeders stop position can be more accurately. They cooperate with the carriage system to move into the knitting area by independent control. So machine can do accurate positioning of yarn feeder and synchronous yarn feeding. It can reduce carriage empty courses, and improving knitting efficiency and rellizing some specially designated patterns knitting. 


Machine have fully automatic refueling device, system self-determined auto-oiling, when the time is up, automatically retueling and lubricating the jack and spring needles on the needle bed, avoiding the maintenance problems caused by uncertain arificial refueling times and refueling quantity, greatly increasing the service life of the machine.

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