Multifunctional Solar Camping Lights

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Product Introduction

This Solar Camping Light is a lighting system that uses solar energy to generate electricity and store energy. Including the following main functions: solar power generation, build-in headlights, Bluetooth speaker, anti-insect lamp, power bank and other functions.

Our company is a high-tech enterprise specializing in the research, development and design of solar outdoor lighting products. The company has many years of development and production experience for electronic products. By the excellent design of high efficiency, stable and reliable product quality and thoughtful and excellent service, our company has won recognition and praises from customers all over the country and many countries and regions abroad. Being able to complete the research and development of projects in a short period of time, our company now has become the supporting supplier of a number of large and medium-sized factories and the research and development center of electronic products for a large number of domestic and overseas trade companies.

Product Parameter (Specification)

Solar Charge time:About 5-8hrs, Depending on sun conditions
Solar panelFolding solar panel,5V5W
Charging mode:Solar panel 
Battery capacity:18.5Wh Li-ion NMC  5000mAh
Brightness mode:3  modes
USB Output:2*USB Port: 5V 1A
othersbluetooth speaker function
Headlight brightness3 modes, 150lumen/10hrs,  50lumen/40hrs, 20lumen/80hrs
Ceiling lamp brightness100lumens/10hrs,  20lumens/40hrs,   10lumens/80 hrs

Product Feature and Application

This Solar Camping Light can be used in camping adventure, power failure emergency, outdoor lighting, night market stalls, Bluetooth speaker, emergency charging, light anti-mosquito, etc. It is equipped with a camping ceiling lamp, which has 3 meters connecting line. It can be hung in tents, branches, walls, etc. What's more, it can anti-mosquitoes with orange light. The main machine can be used as a flashlight or emergency light to meet different application requirements and scenarios.

Product Details

Multifunctional Solar Camping Lights have multiple functions in addition to lighting.

Aluminum alloy cladding solar panel with a long life. Could be appropriate for complicated and hostile environments.

Power Bank: It has two 5V/1A USB output ports, which can not only charge for mobile phone, but also provide power for other 5V appliances.

With high-power and folding solar panel, it can replenish power anytime and anywhere under the sun. You don't have to worry about running out of electricity outdoor.

Bluetooth Speaker: It has HD speaker and Bluetooth function.

Three 12V DC output ports, can supply power to the self-matched chandelier.

Two 5V USB ports, can charge mobile phones, USB fans and other devices charged by USB cable.

The product also has a mobile phone belt, which can be fixed flexibly when charging the mobile phone. You can use lighting and charging functions at the same time.

Product Qualification

CE certification

Deliver, Shipping and Serving

Product Model: EL-55

Product size:243*137*54mm

Item Weight: 12 KG

Package Size: 550*410*300mm/5pcs/ctn

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