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Advantages Of Aerobic Intelligent Fermentation Equipment


The intelligent high-temperature aerobic sludge treatment equipment controls the temperature between 55~60 ℃ through ventilation, oxygenation, stirring, and other functions to achieve the temperature of sludge fermentation treatment. At this temperature, a large number of pathogenic bacteria and parasites in the sludge pile can die. At the same time, the deodorization system is used to carry out biological odor on the discharged gas, achieving the goal of harmless sludge treatment. The operator provides active conditions for aerobic bacteria to undergo high-temperature aerobic fermentation by regulating the moisture, oxygen content, and temperature of raw materials outside. Microscopically, it is an integrated organic fertilizer treatment equipment that utilizes the activity of microorganisms for aerobic respiration, decomposes organic matter in waste through biological decomposition, and achieves harmless, stable, reduced, and resource utilization. The product obtained from high-temperature aerobic fermentation of organic fertilizer can be used for soil improvement, landscaping, and landfill cover soil. Its characteristics include low energy consumption and low operating costs. And the equipment occupies a small area, has a high degree of automation, and can be controlled by one person to complete the fermentation process. Greatly reducing the investment of manpower and material resources in the production process, greatly reducing production costs.

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