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How to compound the cut rubber compound


How to compound the cut rubber compound

Add the rubber compound compound to the rubber compound mill using existing milling technology

Rubber compound is a kind of organic polymer material with high elasticity and low modulus, and the modulus difference between different rubber compound materials is not very large. However, there are large differences in adhesion between different rubber compounds. Some rubber compounds have good adhesion and are easy to bond, such as NR, CR, PU, etc.; while some rubber compounds have poor adhesion and are difficult to bond, such as EPDM, IIR, Q, etc. This has to do with the molecular structure of the rubber compound.

The bonding of rubber compound to rubber compound is common in the manufacturing process of rubber compound products, such as the self-adhesion of mixed rubber, the mutual adhesion of different unvulcanized rubber, and the interlayer during the processing of multi-layer or multi-component products. Or there needs to be good adhesion between the parts to ensure the smooth progress of the molding process. In addition, the repair of vulcanized rubber compound products after damage during use, and when preparing composite products from vulcanized rubber compounds, corresponding bonding techniques must be used. Natural rubber compound is a natural polymer compound with polyisoprene as the main component. Protein, fatty acid, ash, sugar and other non-rubber compound substances. Natural rubber compounds are the most widely used general purpose rubber compounds. Composite rubber compound: Composite rubber refers to the natural rubber content of 95%-99.5%, and a small amount of stearic acid, styrene-butadiene rubber compound, butadiene rubber compound, isoprene rubber compound, zinc oxide, carbon black or peptized Agent, a rubber compound formed by mixing and compounding. Chinese name: synthetic rubber compound English name: syntheticrubber Definition: a high elastic material with reversible deformation based on synthetic polymer compounds.


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