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What is the difference between the notebook cover


Commonly used notebook cover materials are as follows:

1. Genuine Real Leather Notebook, Soft Leather Notebook and PU Leather Notebook are commonly used in the market. Prices and quality just go from high to low. The properties of leather are not suitable for complex patterns. You can print some simple patterns, such as logos, business unit names, etc., and you can choose the appropriate leather according to your needs

2. Followed by PP and PVC, this material makes the notepad very fashionable because of its characteristics; because it is made of plastic, it is difficult to add a little pattern, but it is made transparent, and it will be set off with color pages. The most important thing is plastic The plasticity is higher than other materials;

3. Of course, cardboard can also be used for the cover. There are white cards and black cards. As a paper material, pattern printing is very free. Generally, as long as the design is good, it can be printed on it. Because the white cardboard is white, it supports printing in all colors, and the black cardboard is not so obvious because it has a black background color, and can be selected according to the actual situation;

4. Kraft paper is special, both the cover and inner pages can be used, depending on the thickness. The color of kraft paper is yellow, so the color system will be limited. Its characteristic is that the form of kraft paper will run through the whole book, which looks classical and historical, so you can choose this type of pursuit of individuality.

5. Use special paper as the cover. There are many types of hard copy, which cannot be realized by ordinary printing methods, but can be realized with special paper. The largest of these is coated paper, a fictional pattern that can be printed on at will, and can even be wrapped in sackcloth, making books unique.

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