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What are the requirements for professional Watercolor Set Paint


The requirements for Professional Watercolor Set Paint can vary depending on the artist's preferences and needs. However, here are some general characteristics that are typically associated with high-quality, professional-grade watercolor paints:

  1. Pigment quality: Professional watercolor paints use high-quality pigments that are finely ground and mixed with a binder to create a consistent and stable paint. These pigments should be lightfast, meaning they resist fading over time, and have a high level of saturation and transparency.

  2. Color range: Professional watercolor paints usually offer a wide range of colors, including traditional hues as well as more unique and vibrant shades. The availability of colors may depend on the brand.

  3. Texture: The texture of the paint should be smooth and creamy, allowing for easy application and blending. The paint should also be highly pigmented, allowing for intense color and easy reactivation with water.

  4. Consistency: Professional watercolor paints have a consistent viscosity, ensuring that the paint flows evenly and smoothly across the paper.

  5. Packaging: Professional watercolor paints are often packaged in tubes rather than pans, as tubes allow for more control over the amount of paint used and the ability to mix custom colors. Tubes are also more airtight, helping to prevent the paint from drying out.

  6. Brand reputation: Professional watercolor paints are often produced by well-known and reputable brands that have a long history of producing high-quality paints. However, there may be smaller brands that produce professional-grade watercolor paints as well.

Overall, the best way to determine whether a watercolor paint is professional-grade is to test it out and see how it performs on paper. It's also important to note that professional-grade watercolor paints may come at a higher price point than student-grade paints, but they are often worth the investment for artists who want the best quality materials for their work.

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