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Super Laser Pigment Removal Machine

Super Laser Pigment Removal Machine

Super laser pigment removal machineWhat is Super laser pigment removal machine good for?Super laser pigment removal machine good at lightens dark spots, improves skin tone, and removes wrinkles. The role of picoseconds is mainly to lighten pigmentation spots, improve skin tone, and make the skin fir......

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Super laser pigment removal machine

What is Super laser pigment removal machine good for?

Super laser pigment removal machine good at lightens dark spots, improves skin tone, and removes wrinkles. The role of picoseconds is mainly to lighten pigmentation spots, improve skin tone, and make the skin firmer. At the same time, it can also remove small wrinkles and achieve the purpose of skin rejuvenation. Super laser pigment removal machine mainly uses high-frequency lasers, which can be considered to be about 1,000 times that of the commonly used lasers. Through high-frequency lasers that penetrate deep into the subcutaneous dermis, the pigment cells can be quickly broken and decomposed. Metabolism is excreted out of the body, which also achieves the purpose of diluting pigmentation. Super laser pigment removal machine with the high-frequency laser is injected into the collagen in the subcutaneous dermis, which can cause physical damage. This damage is controllable. After the damage, the collagen will stimulate new generation and rearrangement, so that the collagen fills the previously missing gaps and achieves skin tightness. At the same time,the super laser pigment removal machine small wrinkles will disappear after tightening. Super laser pigment removal machine is a relatively small damage, fast recovery, and obvious effect of a skin care method.

What is the difference between a nanosecond and Super laser pigment removal machine?

The energy emitted by nanosecond lasers is relatively fixed and falls within a range of wavelengths. If it is Super laser pigment removal machine, it can emit short-wavelength and long-wavelength lasers relatively, so the range is wider, and different wavelengths will be adjusted according to the beauty seeker, so as to achieve a better therapeutic effect. Both nanosecond laser and Super laser pigment removal machine can have a good therapeutic effect on pigmented diseases, but Super laser pigment removal machine  can improve the phenomenon of acne pits and acne marks. Whether it is nanosecond or Super laser pigment removal machine treatment, it can play a very good lightening effect after multiple treatments. It is recommended that beauty seekers need to choose to operate in a regular hospital. Only regular medical personnel can perform Super laser pigment removal machine to reflect the therapeutic effect of picosecond and Super laser pigment removal machine.

Nanosecond  and Super laser pigment removal machine are irritating to the skin. After the picosecond is done, be sure to pay attention to ice compresses. After the treatment, use ice cubes on the treatment area for about 30 minutes, but avoid frostbite. Also pay attention to skin moisturizing, and apply a medical mask once a day for a week to protect the skin's moisture to the greatest extent.

Does the Super laser pigment removal machine really work?

Super laser pigment removal machine of pigmented spots is relatively short, and the longest time is about ten minutes. After each treatment, the skin needs a metabolic process. For this reason, the interval between the laser and the pigmented spot is usually 3 months. Depending on the size, number and depth of pigmented and vascular lesions, the desired effect can be achieved after one or two treatments. Generally speaking, it takes five or six treatments to completely resolve the problem.

After the completion of theSuper laser pigment removal machine, some female friends showed signs of anti-blackness. Usually there are some dense small black spots on the skin. This is mainly due to the side effects caused by the improper setting of the power amount when the doctor operates the picosecond laser spot, or the skin quality of the patient's skin is not suitable for the use of the Super laser pigment removal machine.

If beauty lovers do picoseconds in non-standard cosmetic and plastic surgery institutions, the side effect of burning the skin may occur. This is because some laser instruments that do not meet the technical standards have too much laser energy during the treatment process, which is beyond the skin's ability to bear. In addition, the relevant operators lack experience in the application of picosecond freckle removal, and surgical errors lead to skin redness and swelling, and even Skin tissue burns are possible.However, under the standard operation of professional doctors and in regular medical institutions, using our company's Super laser pigment removal machine has no side effects.

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